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Creating change through choice.


Thinkwell Shift is a behavior change company that specializes in resource conservation. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we create strategies and programs that encourage people to make lasting changes in their daily lives to conserve resources such as water, energy, and waste.  Our mission? Creating change, through choice. We work with people and organizations to understand their resource costs and then create programs that achieve cost savings by understanding, engaging, and guiding the customer to motivate behaviour change.


We work with utilities, businesses, students, homeowners, and everyone in between.

Thinkwell Shift is a sister company to market research firm Thinkwell Research.




Low and no-cost solutions to help any business improve its environmental footprint and reduce the cost of doing business. Register for one of our monthly workshops.

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Efficiency Nova Scotia has partnered with Thinkwell Shift to bring energy savings to Nova Scotian residents of Kings, Annapolis, Queens, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Lunenburg counties. We can install:

  • LED light bulbs and nightlights (please note that we do not replace Compact Flourescent Bulbs)

  • Water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators

  • Insulating wrap for electric hot water tanks

  • And more! 

For more information on this service visit Efficiency Nova Scotia's Website or call us at 1-844-897-4438.

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The Green Schools Nova Scotia program teaches students, teachers, and the school community simple ways to become more energy efficient.


Our goal is to provide educational opportunities that help students and schools discover the impacts of consumption and encourage smart energy habits that change behaviour and waste less.


Book a visit for your P-12 class.


Our Team


Carrie McDonald

President & Partner

Carrie has been with Thinkwell since the very beginning. A passionate consumer behaviour specialist with a strong appreciation for the importance of client relationships, she oversees all aspects of client service and operations. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys skiing and equestrian events.


Ruvi Mugara

Senior Program Manager

Ruvi was born and raised in the small, country of Zimbabwe. She moved to Nova Scotia after a game of 'spin the globe' that she played with her family and studied Psychology at Saint Mary's University. Ruvi joined Thinkwell Shift as an Engagement Officer and now manages multiple programs.


Angela VanKessel

Project Coordinator 

Angie started with us in 2020 as an Engagement Officer for the Northern region. As a horticulturist, she has always had a passion for the environment and sharing how easy growing food can be if you work with nature. Angie enjoys traveling to music concerts with her husband, spending time in the woods with her kids, and at the barn playing around with her retired racehorses.





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