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Our Team

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Len Preeper


Len is the owner and president of both Shift and Thinkwell Research. Since joining the market research industry in 1995, he held various roles with the Nova Scotia Government before founding Thinkwell Research. Len is a proud resident of Dartmouth, avid sports fan and business magazine junky. 


Carrie Macdonald

Director of Client Service

Carrie has been with Thinkwell since the very beginning. A passionate consumer behaviour specialist with a strong appreciation for the importance of client relationships, she oversees all aspects of client service and operations. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys skiing and equestrian events. 


Molly Marcott

Program Manager

A recent graduate of Dalhousie's Bachelor of Commerce program, Molly found her passion for the environment at Thinkwell Shift. She uses her communication, marketing, and planning skills to bring energy savings to Nova Scotians. Outside of work, Molly is a self-professed crossword puzzle queen and future Big Brother Canada houseguest. 

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Liam Cook

Director of Business Development

Liam provides Shift’s clients with strategic and technical expertise in the design and management of resource conservation projects. When he’s not assisting our clients, Liam can be found volunteering throughout the community, spending time with his wife and daughter, or learning a new skateboard trick.


Kelsey Brasil

Program Manager

Kelsey is a sustainability graduate of Dalhousie University, a former national-level gymnast, and a ball of energy! Kelsey uses empathetic and creative approaches to her work as Program Manager with Green Schools NS. This young female leader is her best self when working for change, progress, and community!

Ruvi Mugara

Program Coordinator

Ruvi was born and raised in the small, beautiful country of Zimbabwe. She moved to Nova Scotia after a game of 'spin the globe' that she played with her family and studied Psychology at Saint Mary's University. After working as an Engagement Officer for a year, Ruvi is now the Program Coordinator for Green Schools Nova Scotia.


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