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The Government of Nova Scotia has fully subsidized the first 40 spaces for Nova Scotian businesses.
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Uncover Your Energy Waste
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Helping Nova Scotian Business Transition to a Low Carbon Future

Like you, business leaders around the world are shifting to more sustainable practices. For many Nova Scotian businesses, the most impactful and cost-effective environmental practices come from reducing unnecessary energy use. 


GET 2 ZERO is tailored to help everyday businesses like yours identify, measure, and manage their energy use and emissions. We focus on the no-cost and low-cost solutions that can help you lower bills and emissions by up to 25%. Our team of sustainability professionals provide hands-on training and guidance so your staff can understand and eliminate the unnecessary emissions within your current operations. 

Rethinking How We Use Energy

With 6-hours of hands-on training, our sustainability professionals help your team begin measuring the cost of wasted energy and empower staff to eliminate emissions through understanding, behaviour changes, and action plans. By following through, you’ll soon be controlling costs and mitigating emissions.  

Because no one knows your business better than you, our sustainability professionals are looking to walk your facilities with you so we can better understand your operations and learn from your staff. We can then pair opportunities with solutions, and guide your staff in creating their own emission reduction strategies and campaigns to begin eliminating costs and emissions immediately.

  • Understanding of commercial net-zero emission concepts and strategies

  • Knowledge of how energy use impacts our environment and your business

  • The ability to identify, measure and reduce emissions

  • Energy and emissions billing analysis

  • Access to tools that track impact and progress

  • Facility visit and walkthrough with staff

  • Your Net-Zero Energy Action Plan

Upcoming Workshops:


September 14th & 28th


September 22th & October 20th


October 5th & 21st



October 25th & November 10th



November 1st & 17th


November 15th & December 1st

GET 2 ZERO Workshops (valued at $1,250) are currently FREE for the first 40 registered businesses. This is made possible by the Government of Nova Scotia’s Low Carbon Community Fund